14 Jun

PPR WALLET: the rip-proof, waterproof fully imprintable slim Tyvek paper wallet

The PPR wallet is taking the Tyvek paper wallet from the rarified regions of hipster retail and putting it into the promotional products business.

PPR Wallet: the world’s best Tyvek paper wallet for your logo or event.

The PPR Wallet is are made from extremely durable Tyvek® paper. Tyvek® is paper-thin and all paperwallet accessories are carefully designed and folded to create fully functional modern accessories. Tyvek® is also elastic, waterproof, and long-lasting, and is built to keep up with your busy life.

paper wallet tyvek for promo

Slim, simple and designed by artists, the PPR wallet guarantees endurance being made from waterproof, tear proof and 100% recyclable Tvyek. The expandable material allows a total of 18 credit cards and plenty of cash!

PPR Wallet is made from one continuous piece of Tyvek® smart material with an option RFID seamlessly integrated into the fold. This makes it virtually unrippable and highly resistant to wear and tear all while keeping your private electronic information safe from theft.

Apart from being super-durable, the Tyvek® we use for the PPR Wallet is also water-resistant, so rain or shine, you know you’re protected.

Check out this unboxing review of the Mighty Wallet!

Coded C Distributor Pricing includes freight and all logos!

Yup you heard it right, FREE shipping, NO set up fees and NO ridiculous extra costs! 3 week delivery.

tyvek paper wallet for promotional products

Get your logo or business marketing message on a water proof Tyvek paper wallet. Wholesale pricing on this fully imprintable Tyvek paper wallet.

Get a Free Virtual Design Done!

Want to see what your client’s logo looks like with a free virtual proof? just send us your art to john@promocrunch.com 

free virtual design of paper tyvek wallet for business promo

Check out some of the most popular designs done at retail to get an idea what a promo PPR Wallet will look like!

Get innovative with your clients logo, give it a retail look. Perfect for the millennial client.

paper tyvek wallet

business logo on a paperwallet

tyvek paper wallet for promotional product

12 Jun

Turn your logo or product into a custom shaped Pop Socket style phone stand

Turn your logo or product into a custom shaped Pop Socket style phone stand perfectly designed to reflect your brand or product identity.

Phone stands are hot in the promotional product market these days and what better way to get your message across than to get it done as a custom shape?

end user custom shaped pop socket

Personalizing your clients logo as a custom shaped pop phone stand is a great branding statement!

Promo Motive is a supplier to the promotional products industry of unique and custom created promotional swag. We believe in doing it differently or as we like to say “We do weird well!”

One of our most popular new ideas is the custom shaped pop phone stand. Custom CNC machined plastics complete with all of your clients brand identity and a full color logo imprint. What an amazing concept!

Minimum order of 1000 units is only $1.88 each and includes all set ups, freight and design work. WHAT!!!!!

custom shaped popsocket style phone grip to

For more information call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email john@promocrunch.com 

custom shaped popsocket style phone holder

custom shaped popsockets

07 Jun

Tactical Mini Flashlight Breaks Price Barrier

Tactical Mini Flashlight Breaks Price Barrier

High powered tactical flashlight is now priced ready for the promotional products market.

tactical flashlight for promotional product

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

A tactical flashlight can be an important tool in your everyday carry toolbox, but doing a quick Google search for the best tactical flashlights won’t do you much good if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for in the first place.

Depending on what you do for a living or what you require from your gear, flashlights that are too small may not be bright enough if you work in security, law enforcement, or in consistently dark environments, and won’t help much in the way of self defense. In contrast, tactical flashlights on the larger side won’t be as EDC-friendly as their smaller counterparts and will be much more difficult to carry in your pocket.

The best tactical flashlight not only sheds plenty of light on a dark situation, but it also provides plenty of functionality, is built like a tank, and can provide a valuable means of self defense in a situation that surely requires it. Whatever your candlepower requirements, and no matter your budget, I’m sure you’ll find a suitable tactical flashlight on this list that not only meets your EDC needs, but also your tactical objectives.

Want info? Call 1-888-908-1481 or email john@promocrunch.com.

wholesale imprinted tactical mini flashlight

07 Jun

Teens, Students and Millenials are stuck on this promo idea

Millenials and more are all craving the latest in promotional products: the POP phone grip!

Get your clients’ logo or event details on a POP phone grip.

You are checking out this e-blast as it caught your eye. Catching your eye is what all effective promo swag does!

pop sockets and phone grips for promotional swag

Distributors! Do you have Summer Camps, Youth Groups and Fundraisers?

Are you looking for a cost effective promotional product for your Summer Camp, Youth Group or School Fundraiser? Then you should consider the POP.

Coded price on a C is listed below and includes all shipping and set up… PLUS FREE FULL COLOR LOGO!


coded pop phone stand prices

pop socket style phone grip and media stand for business and promotional product

05 Jun

New Promotional Product Idea for Fall 2018: Cap Zappa Bottle Cap Launcher

The Cap Zappa Bottle Launcher Puts a New Spin on Promotional Products.

Cap Zappa lines up to appeal to the Millennial in all of us. Fun, Silly and totally Pointless, the Cap Zappa is the Perfect Promotional Product.

Promotional products are changing almost as fast as the demographics are! In 2020 and beyond the prime consumer will be those under the age of 45. These include the Millennial generation.

Millennials are looking for something new, something different when it comes to their promotional products. No longer do they want what their predecessors bought for use at tradeshows and b2b marketing.

cap zappa bottle cap launcher gun

cap zappa bottle cap launcher gun

In the fall of 2018 Promo Motive is launching a whole new collection of unique, one-of-a-kind promotional swag.

Torn from the pages of trending online retailers, Kickstarter and other social media sites our new ideas are perfect for capturing the kid in all of us.

What is the purpose of promo swag?

“Swag or promotional products have one main purpose and that is to get your clients logo seen an imprinted upon potential customers’ brains!”

The Cap Zappa is a great way to get your logo out in the world!

If you believe the quote above is accurate think about how many people will be checking out your logo on the Cap Zappa bottle cap launcher!

Coming Sept 1st 2018!

cap zappa bottle cap launcher

31 May

In 2018 promotional product professionals deserve more

In 2018 Promotional product professionals deserve more. They deserve to make more money for all of their efforts.

The business of selling and delivering customized promotional products often takes a bad rap but what is more problematic is that distributors are often doing it for very little profit.

ASI Distributors often deal with overly demanding clients and rush orders with unreasonable timelines. All of this would be fine if their profit was worth it but often they will do all of this work for very little in return.

“We believe that distributors deserve to make more than a lousy ‘C’!”


more than a c

Promo Motive tells it like it is!

As a SUPPLIER for over 20 years, we like to tell the truth!

Truth #1. Promotional product scams are everywhere. Here is how to avoid the most common pitfalls!

“The most commonly used scam to dupe distributors by suppliers is the use of set up fees.”

Set up fees are a scam employed by distributors in an effort to do a couple of things.

The first thing this accomplishes for suppliers is a revenue stream. As a long time ad specialty supplier and having worked in big suppliers in the 90’s and 2000’s I can tell you this…

“Set up fees represent as much as 32% of a suppliers gross revenue!”

set ups are a scam

set ups are a scam

Secondly, the use of set ups has come about as a way for suppliers to try and fool the unsuspecting distributor into thinking the actual price of the product is less that it is.

Set ups are also always on some weird coded price so that the supplier gets paid but you as a distributor can’t actually charge your customers any profit on that part of the sale.

“If you think of set ups as an additional TAX on your sale you won’t be happy!”

The other issue I have with set ups is that they are totally unnecessary and generally are a cost to you the distributor that is NOT an actual cost to the supplier. Here’s how:

Suppliers either bring in decorated products direct from offshore or decorate domestically.

“As a supplier myself, who brings them in directly from China I can tell you the following. I never, ever, pay China a set up fee! NEVER.”

If I don’t pay them, why should I charge you?

If a supplier decorates here in the States the idea of a set up is even more ridiculous. Ask yourself, what does a set up fee cover?

Labor? Does a decorator only pay their labor on each job (i.e. call someone in to print your job only)? No, these people are fully employed at the supplier and as such their labor is easily accounted for in the suppliers overhead.

Materials? The cost of ink is nada, zilch, bupkis.

In closing. Let’s be honest, if a supplier is charging you excessive set up fees then you are really getting taken.

Distributors! Are you looking for a SUPPLIER who really has your back?  Check out Promo Motive!

30 May

5 cool colors of the keysmart system now available for promo

Get your clients’ logo lasered onto on of these 5 cool colors of the keysmart key organization system now available for promo.

Get rid of the old school key ring and get into the new millenium with a Keysmarter key organization system.

Tired of those bulky key rings? Get smart, get keysmart.

Keysmart is the first true key system to replace the outdated key ring. Now you can have your keys held safely and securely in this state of the art keysmart system.

These are perfect for tradeshows, b2b marketing and for the promotional products professional. Get smart, get keysmart!

“Get Your Logo On It!”

Visit the productegory for complete info… click here.   

Want free samples??????? Just ask us! Email john@promocrunch.com 

keysmart smart key system for keys. Promotional Product, b2b and tradeshow giveaway and marketing swag.

keysmart smart key system for keys. Promotional Product, b2b and tradeshow giveaway and marketing swag.

keysmart smart key system for keys. Promotional Product, b2b and tradeshow giveaway and marketing swag.

keysmart smart key system for keys. Promotional Product, b2b and tradeshow giveaway and marketing swag.

What is the Keysmart?

The keymart system is the compact solution to ridding you of your bulky key ring. This Swiss style key holder will create the perfect pocket organizer and minimalist key ring. Incredibly versatile with a wide selection of accessories, our Keysmarter key organizers can fit up to 100 keys. Individually made with the highest quality and care.

Call 1-888-908-1481 or email ideas@promomotive.com and get your logo on it!